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Flowtron 1.5 Acre Bug Zapper

The flowtron bf-150 replacement bulb for bk-40a bk-80acd is perfect for when you need to get your bug problem solved! This zapper has a 1. 5 acre bug problem bookmarked! Plus, it includes handy features like adjustable temp, fermentation time, and number of bugs.

Flowtron BF-150 Replacement Bulb for BK-40A & BK-80A/C/D
Electronic Mosquito Insect Killer Indoor Night Lamp No Chemi
Mosquito Killer Insect Trap Electric Uv Light

1.5 Acre Stinger Bug Zapper

By Flowtron

USD $34.78

Octenol Mosquito Attractant 6 PK

Octenol Mosquito Attractant 6 PK


USD $37.07

- Mosquito Bug Killer Trap - Powerful 18 Watt Light Lamp - I

EasyGoProducts Zapper - Mosquito Bug

By EasyGoProducts

USD $18.74

Top Flowtron 1.5 Acre Bug Zapper Reviews

The flowtron 1. 5 acre bug zapper is the perfect way to combat these pesky bugs indoors. This zapper has up to 4 bug kills per battery so you can keep your home keeping to beasty, and the electronic mosquito killer kills these pesky creatures without any chemical?
this zapper is perfect for use in the evening, when you want to create a dark and cool home environment.
the flowtron 1. 5 acre bug zapper is perfect for controlling fly and bug populations. This controller has two zappers that can be used in different ways, as well as a built-in mosquito bug zapper. The zappers can be controlled with 2a charger and have a light that shows how many zappers are currently on the system.
this is a 1. 5 acre bug zapper that can be used to kill bug zappers. The zapper has a field stand to keep your property clean, and it has an electric uv light to make sure you can always find and killbug zappers.